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Manufacturer: Balkan PharmaceuticalsSubstance: Testosterone EnanthatePackage: 10 x 1ml amps (250mg/ml)

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Enandrol (Testosterone Enanthate) 10 x 1ml amps (250mg/ml) – Injectable Steroids from Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

Testosterona E is a prolonged ether whose half-life is about one week. Thus, by administering the steroid only once in seven days, a high anabolic background will be maintained in the body. It is extremely convenient, because unlike short steroids you will not need to make frequent injections.

Also note that another advantage of Testosterone E over the same propionate is the ability to maintain a more even hormonal background. Otherwise, all testosterone containing AAC is similar to each other. You can buy enandrol (Testosterona E) from the balkans of pharma at a reduced price directly on this page in a couple of clicks with a mouse.

Conducting courses with ENANDROL

When making up the course of this anabolic, you have to take into account some of its peculiarities. Since it is a prolonged ether, the last injection should be done about a week or even ten days before the scheduled completion date of the cycle. At the same time, the maximum time to use Testosterone E from Balkan Pharmaceuticals is two months.

The weekly dose for beginners will be from 0.25 to 0.5 grams. Experienced athletes can use up to one gram of the drug. It is very important to remember Testosterone E ‘s tendency to aromatize. This fact implies the need to give tests for the concentration of female hormones. If the normal level of estradiol has been exceeded, it is necessary to start taking provirone or another medical preparation of the class of aromatase inhibitors. This will offset side effects as well as reduce rollback.

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