Balkan Pharmaceuticals Online Shop

The company was established in the Republic of Moldova in 2006 with great success. And for 13 years of its existence, it has become one of the most influential companies. The company produces more than 260 different drugs in different doses and forms.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals is famous for its quality, which is very high level. The company became famous for its incredible Danabol. Athletes who use drugs are happy and show just amazing results. The company as mentioned is already one of the most purchased and therefore there appears a negative side – a large number of fakes.


  • I am engaged in bodybuilding since 25 years, tried a huge number of AAS from different manufacturers, but opted for the drugs of the Balkan Pharma company, the price is not too high, the quality is high, the minimum percentage of side effects.

Donald Anthony, San Antonio

  • I have been engaged in athletics for more than ten years, recently I prefer to use drugs from Pharma Balkan on courses, they do not violate the hormonal background, have a minimum list of adverse reactions and help me always be in shape.

John Sherman, San Diego