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Manufacturer: Balkan PharmaceuticalsSubstance: Clomiphene CitratePackage: 60 tablets (50 mg/tab)

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Clomed (Clomiphene Citrate) 60 tablets (50 mg/tab) – Oral Steroids from Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

Clomed from Balkan Pharmaceuticals refers to a group of antiestrogen preparations. It is produced in oral form. The active ingredient is clomifene citrate. A very popular agent among athletes of weightlifters, bodybuilders, who after passing the steroid course have a need to restore natural testosterone production (resumption of hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular axis function).

Description of the effect of the drug on the body

After a course of steroids, especially if it was different in its weight, the Clomid Balkans of Pharma helps as follows:

  • has the restoring impact;
  • Increases luteinizing hormone levels;
  • Increases the level of gonadotropic follicle stimulating hormone, thereby causing it to influence testosterone production, which will subsequently allow its natural production to be restored to normal value.

The drug has no side effects. It is a completely safe means to help the body recover quickly after a long course.

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