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Manufacturer: Balkan PharmaceuticalsSubstance: Nandrolone PhenylpropionatePackage: 10 x 1ml amps (100mg/ml)

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Fenandrol (Nandrolone Phenylpropionate) 10 x 1ml amps (100mg/ml) – Injectable Steroids from Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

This preparation is used by athletes of athletics and weightlifting according to priorities. It provides maximum release of the substance within 1-2 days after injection. Nandrolone F (Phenylpropionate) is the main active ingredient having a long period of excretion from the human body (up to 1.5 years). Therefore it can t be used to athletes taking part in competitions. It is best to use it to regenerate the body ‘s tissues after injuries or between competitions to maintain a good sports shape.

The Nandrolona F Balkan drug is safe and generally has no side effects if not exceeding the recommended dosage. Overdose leads to excess fluid in the body, an increase in fat mass and, if there is a predisposition, to gynecomastia. At normal doses of the drug sports indicators increase and health of the body as a whole is strengthened. An increased dosage of the drug in weightlifting is permissible if antiestrogens that neutralize side effects are consumed simultaneously.

Nandrolona F dosage in bodybuilding

Recommended doses of the preparation for men – 100-600 mg per week, for women – 50-100 mg per week at the course of injections of 1-2 months. It is not necessary to make injections often (in 1-2 days for men and every 3 days for women), as phenylpropionate retains its effect on the human body for a long time. But it is worth remembering that these are only recommended doses.

Each athlete must select their individual Nandrolona F injection course program, paying attention to the general physical condition and the required result.

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